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FiberZone's AFM Fiber Management Platform provides a carrier class solution for network management personnel to efficiently manage their fiber network at the physical layer by combining superb connection quality and flexibility with intuitive, robust remote management.

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FiberZone Releases New Capabilities for Multitenant Datacenters
New Software Facilitates Rollout of New Services by Operators

Washington D.C. – September 4, 2012 – FiberZone Networks, the leading provider of Automated Fiber Management (AFM) solutions for datacenters and networks, today announced the release of new software capabilities on its market leading AFM product line. The new software allows Multitenant Datacenter Operators to offer new fiber management services to tenant customers in their facilities in a secure and scalable manner.

FiberZone’s AFM has been deployed in major data centers in the U.S. and around the world, automating the last manually-operated element in today’s networks – physical fiber connectivity. It allows remote and instant provisioning of new customers, eliminates cost of downtime, reduces security risks and human errors due to hands in the plant, and facilitates new innovative service offerings, enabling the transition to mission-critical cloud services.

Multitenant datacenters (MTDCs) provide customers with access to competitive power rates and wholesale network connectivity rates. As customers transition their IT infrastructure to colocation cages in MTDCs, they seek to maintain control over fiber connectivity inside their leased space. Operators of MTDCs would like to ease their customers’ transition to an unmanned, and sometimes remote, environment by offering Managed Colocation Cage services.

The new software capabilities, now generally available on FiberZone’s AFM product line as Release Emb 1.5.0 and NMS 2.3.0, facilitate the delivery of Managed Colocation Cage services. Key capabilities consist of:

  • AFM Partitioning – allows MTDC operators to partition AFM ports for managed colocation cage services in a dynamic manner, while maintaining physical separation between different tenant customers.
  • Scalable AFM – allows in-service scaling of managed fiber ports using a software key, and supports scaling from a basic configuration of 48x48 ports to the full capacity of the AFM360 in 24x24 port increments.
  • A new GUI for FiberZone’s NMS has been developed to improve the ease of use specifically for MTDC operators and colocation customers.

The new software capabilities allow MTDC operators to cost-effectively offer new managed colocation cage services with minimal upfront investment, by allowing multiple colocation customers to share ports on a single AFM, and allowing scaling of the number of working ports on AFM in-service, using a software key.

“With our new software release out, FiberZone’s AFM now better serves the needs of MTDC operators and their customers in their transition to automated and remotely-controlled colocation facilities,” said Joe Teixeira, VP Product Management for FiberZone Networks. “We developed the new software capabilities in response to our customers’ requests, to allow them to introduce enhanced capabilities with minimal investment”, he added.

FiberZone’s AFM has been deployed in world-class MTDCs around the world. Contact your FiberZone sales representative or visit our website for more information.

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FiberZone Networks delivers remote fiber connectivity solutions to datacenters and networks with its Automatic Fiber Management (AFM) product line, delivering reliability, flexibility, fault tolerance and management to the fiber infrastructure. FiberZone's AFM significantly increases network reliability and availability, reduces operating costs, minimizes network faults and human errors, and prevents revenue losses & SLA (Service Level Agreement) penalties. FiberZone's AFM product line utilizes patent-pending Latched Optical Coupling (LOCTM) technology that delivers reliable passive connectivity in a remotely-managed automated fiber management system. FiberZone's AFM product line has been deployed by leading datacenter and network operators in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

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