FiberZone's Automated Fiber Management (AFM)
FiberZone's AFM Fiber Management Platform provides a carrier class solution for network management personnel to efficiently manage their fiber network at the physical layer by combining superb connection quality and flexibility with intuitive, robust remote management.

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FiberZone Announces New Capabilities on its AFM to Increase Network Services Availability

Successfully Completes Evaluation with a Major Carrier in India

Washington D.C. - April 26, 2010 - FiberZone Networks today announced the general availability of a new software module on its AFM product line to automate recovery from fiber-cuts and equipment port failures across a carrier's network. The new Automated Fiber Recovery (AFR) module provides network-wide recovery management across diverse routes using FiberZone's AFM product line.

AFR offers the ability to quickly recover from fiber and equipment port faults by automating the process of switching to standby fiber links and equipment ports. Recovery takes seconds rather than hours or days, minimizing service interruption. Repairs to faulty fiber and equipment ports can take place without urgency. AFR may also be combined with partner test and monitoring solutions to fully automate the fault detection and recovery process, providing additional value to the customer.

These new capabilities enable carriers to reduce operating expenses by decoupling physical plant maintenance from service delivery, and allow them to increase service availability and customer satisfaction while decreasing revenues loss and SLA penalties. A detailed analysis performed by FiberZone with a carrier customer shows return on investment (ROI) in 9 months for a carrier using the AFM product line with the new AFR software module.

FiberZone's AFM product line with the new AFR software module recently completed successful evaluation in the field by a major carrier in India, where growth of wireless subscribers and data services has been particularly high.

"Faults in the physical fiber plant have serious adverse impact on network operators' business; they result in significant disruption in network operations, reduce bottom-line profits, and may increase churn," said Joe Teixeira, VP of Product Management for FiberZone Networks. "The new capabilities on our AFM product line address these real-life pains, and we're proud to support carriers' efforts to accommodate the growth in voice, video and data traffic with the highest levels of service availability," he added.

Released in 2009, FiberZone's AFM solution started early deployments in networks and data-centers around the world. Contact your local FiberZone sales representative for a detailed application note on FiberZone's new AFR functionality.

About FiberZone

FiberZone Networks delivers remote fiber connectivity solutions to datacenters and networks with its Automatic Fiber Management (AFM) product line, delivering reliability, flexibility, fault tolerance and management to the fiber infrastructure. FiberZone's AFM significantly increases network reliability and availability, reduces operating costs, minimizes network faults and human errors, and prevents revenue losses & SLA (Service Level Agreement) penalties. FiberZone's AFM product line utilizes patent-pending Latched Optical Coupling (LOCTM) technology that delivers reliable passive connectivity in a remotely-managed automated fiber management system. FiberZone's AFM product line has been deployed by leading datacenter and network operators in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

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