FiberZone's Automated Fiber Management (AFM)
FiberZone's AFM Fiber Management Platform provides a carrier class solution for network management personnel to efficiently manage their fiber network at the physical layer by combining superb connection quality and flexibility with intuitive, robust remote management.

Press Releases

FiberZone Networks Announces Commercial Deliveries of the AFM-360

Bethesda, MD, - September 24, 2008 FiberZone Networks Inc. announced the general availability (GA) of the AFM-360, the first Automated Fiber Management (AFM) product to deliver remote control and automation to the fiber infrastructure while maintaining the attributes and reliability of a manual patch panel. The first sales and several deliveries of the AFM360 were made to large carriers in Asia and the US. These deliveries followed an extended field trial in which another major carrier successfully transmitted the first live traffic over FiberZone AFM in an active central office.

"The readiness to install our system in a live facility confirms the stringent standards to which the AFM-360 has been developed," said Joe Teixeira, VP Product Management, FiberZone Networks. "As much as network operators crave the benefits of automation, they absolutely insist on retaining the basic reliability and performance characteristics of manual connectivity. Specifically they want very low optical loss, to avoid having to re-engineer the network for a higher power budget. In addition, connections must be passively latched, so that they are not dependent on power, battery back-up, or any active component to maintain connectivity. Finally, they prefer a physical coupling of fibers, which ensures complete signal transparency with no degradation."

"We see momentum building rapidly for AFM, as indicated by FiberZone's selection to the Broadband Properties 2008 Top 100, as well as the recent launch of the Advanced Fiber Connectivity and Switching (AFCS) Forum," added Sandy Roskes, VP Marketing and Business Development, FiberZone Networks. "FiberZone is proud to be a charter member of AFCS, along with industry leaders such as ADC, AT&T, Corning, Draka, KDDI, Ovum, Sumitomo, Tyco, and Verizon."

FiberZone plans to deliver to additional carriers, as well as carrier hotels, managed co-location facilities and enterprise data centers in the coming months.

About FiberZone

FiberZone Networks delivers remote fiber connectivity solutions to datacenters and networks with its Automatic Fiber Management (AFM) product line, delivering reliability, flexibility, fault tolerance and management to the fiber infrastructure. FiberZone's AFM significantly increases network reliability and availability, reduces operating costs, minimizes network faults and human errors, and prevents revenue losses & SLA (Service Level Agreement) penalties. FiberZone's AFM product line utilizes patent-pending Latched Optical Coupling (LOCTM) technology that delivers reliable passive connectivity in a remotely-managed automated fiber management system. FiberZone's AFM product line has been deployed by leading datacenter and network operators in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.